Archiv für den Monat: Juli 2015

A Festival in a Cage – A credible Testimony?

How to present what I had in mind about my research project? A week ago, our course at the Rachel Carson Center organized a joint exposition of final research projects. The outcome was a really stimulating show of different art pieces and media: my fellow students produced films, elaborated detailed presentation sheets, and put up photographs. I chose to build a small “show case” (a sort of “diorama”) which sought to give a shape to the complex relationships between festival management schemes and the air of unleashed freedoms and unrestricted forms of life. My impression is that the resonance among my colleagues was widely positive; and yet: I should have brought with me some impressions from a real festival site. Though this was not the aim of my project due to different formal restrictions, I still feel the urgency to participate in a festival by myself and record what I experience on the backdrop of the discourses I had written about previously.

Fortunately, I may express at this point my many thanks to the Auerworld Festival nearby Jena that had invited me to come (see site). I hope I can manage it in time to organize a transport and be there already this weekend.

Mindfulness and Information Overload

What if people began to reject their smartphones from one day to another? A challenging article by Jürgen von Rutenberg published in the German Zeit Magazin (16th July 2015, “Zurück in die Gegenwart“) explores alternative voices that try to overcome the alleged information overload by forms of life always connected to the internet. Weiterlesen