Archiv für den Monat: September 2015

The Future Library: Noise and Silence in Need of built Environments

Libraries are essential to learning and concentration – this is nothing new. And still: the user’s impression may suggest that even in times of digital libraries and interconnected communication cultures, built environments continue to be of importance. Why is that? The university library at the LMU supports a project that seeks to support contributions made by students to develop future sustainable learning spaces that will demand both, silence, and noise – individual and group learning. If you feel interested in this, just contact me (for more information).

Sustainability on Campuses

In times of the upcoming great conference on Climate Change in Paris a lot of articles, books, films and reports are being published on behalf of the global necessities of our present. The blog Environment across Boundaries has only recently featured a controversial report on the state of sustainability as a matter of university politics (see article).


The Sounding World and the contest of hard Policies

I want to take up a recent post written by Ecomusicologist Jeff Todd Titton on the development of growing interdisciplinary interest in the sounding and hearing world in the face of Climate Change and the urgent need to agree upon a joint action policy by human societies (see post). Weiterlesen