festivals and schedule

As it happens to be my final work for submission to the Environmental Studies Certificate Program at the Rachel Carson Center Munich (RCC):

there is a deadline for this research project.

Currently I have set up the following schedule to reflect on:

  • research and preparation of fieldwork
  • fieldwork and analysis
  • 31 May 2015: last date of submission
  • July 2015: presentation of the final project in a students’ forum at the RCC
  • Summer 2015: elaborate further presentations of public range (i.e. exposition of material, write articles,  give interviews)

This automatically triggers questions considering the whole subject of my research: where to go before May 2015 for fieldwork? What does it mean, then, to possible generalizing-representational arguments? What about logistics? What instruments will be needed in fieldwork? Are there music festivals in Europe in Spring and in plain air?

Important: By the time of January, I have decided to change the scope of my research for May due to crucial restrictions of time and the opportunities of visiting a festival in Europe before the deadline mentioned under Festivals and Schedule. For more information on what this could mean to the entire project, check out my posts.

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