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If you want to participate in this project, feel free to follow me, to make comments on my posts or to write me your ideas and critique (a.franco [at] posteo.de). Here are some further suggestions from my side to reflect on.

Additionally, I decided to continue with this blog, even after having fulfilled the purpose of my research project for my university. Still, I feel that the very topic “ecology and aesthetics” holds enough issues and material to write about and to be discussed. Fell free to join me in this process.

  • Have you been to a music festival? Where and how often? If not, why?
  • Do you remind the environmental setting of the festival?
  • In that case: what was special to you? The locality of the camping place? Animals, birds, ants, other species that you remember? The quality of the air? The smell? The sky?
  • What was the music like? Were there any places without music? Could you experience silence?
  • Where there many people? Did you have the impression of a commercial event? How would you describe the other participants and their behaviour during the festival? Did you appreciate their presence? What do you remember?
  • If the festival had been staged inside a concert hall, would it have been the same experience? Why do you think, festivals usually happen to occur outside? Is it because of logistics and commercial interests or because of cultural preferences? Does music belong to natural environments?

Additionally, if you are interested in a joint effort to bring artistic approaches into the whole subject and to craft an exhibition about people, environment and music festivals, feel free to contact me (see post).

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