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Probably one of the most important questions is what to do?  Here, I have brought together some thoughts on describing the role of this blog for my project about natural music festival settings. Additionally, I decided to continue with this blog, even after having fulfilled the purpose of my research project for my university. Still, I feel that the very topic “ecology and aesthetics” holds enough issues and material to write about and to be discussed. Fell free to join me in this process.

  • to test the middle ground in between public and personal identities, constraints and critical self-reflection (+ ethics!) during the entire process of research; could I call it a diary? A logbook?
  • to keep track of ideas and impressions
  • to ask readers and participants to share their ideas on the topic
  • to reach out for networks of researchers and the broader public
  • to test research instruments and media online; a topic which seem in total new to me and could hopefully help me to make a difference (or might it lead me to a completely contrary direction?)
  • to create own contributions and link to other domains (i.e. wikipedia)
  • to publish certain parts of my study which do not fit into (due to restrictions, see explanation below)

Important: By the time of January, I have decided to change the scope of my research for May due to crucial restrictions of time and the opportunities of visiting a festival in Europe before the deadline mentioned under Festivals and Schedule. For more information on what this could mean to the entire project, check out my posts.

Additionally, I chose to publish an extensive version of my somewhat ‘official’ study. The reason for this is that I think I owe an elaborate narrative to my interview partners and the ideas they shared with me, say: limited space carries the advantage to write straight to the point and work on comprehensiveness. Still, there must be also ‘enough’ space to bring the things to a certain shape. In any case, check out the documents which I will be publishing here at different posts (see document1, a prologue; document2, approaches to festivals, part1).

Please find the paper I submitted here (post&pdf).

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